October 13, 2017

How Can an ATM Machine Attract Business

In today’s fast-paced world, the need to have immediate cash is of utmost importance. ATMs are significant because they enable us to sort out our cash needs quickly and easily. They not only save us the time and energy of walking into bank halls to withdraw cash but they also enable us to carry out other transactions such as checking our bank balances, making fund transfers among others. For a business owner, having an ATM machine within your premises is also beneficial in many ways. Some of the benefits include:

Increased customer traffic

Having an ATM sign outside your business premises is a great marketing tool and attracts people who need ATM services in addition to the people who are coming to shop at the store. Many people prefer to visit the ATM machine as they carry out their day to day errands. Having one in-house will attract many individuals who want to enjoy the convenience of carrying out both tasks at a go.

Increased sales

It is human nature for someone to be tempted to use the money immediately it gets into their wallet.  Owning an ATM machine within the business premises invites a lot of impulse shopping leading to increased sales. For instance, anyone who withdraws cash at a restaurant will be hard pressed not to purchase a meal or a snack on the go. An interesting trick that many businesses use is to install the ATM near where they display the merchandise on sale. With the ATM machine only steps away, few people would be able to resist the SALE! sign.

In addition, sometimes when people withdraw money from the ATM, they need to break some of it down to smaller bills. This too leads to spontaneous shopping in order to make change increasing

sales for the store.

Improves reputation and increases customer loyalty

Should your ATM be the only one in a particular locality, other businesses, as well as the residents, will direct anyone who asks where to find the closest ATM in your store. This subsequently builds the store’s reputation and boosts the value of your business.  The fact that customers do not have to leave the store to access cash increases customer loyalty.

Additional income stream through transactional rebates

Another key benefit of installing an in-house ATM is that you get to earn for every transaction that takes place on the machine. This means even if the customers do not shop at your store, you still get to earn from their use of the ATM.

Reduced credit card and check usage

Given the chance to either use an ATM or use a credit card, many people will choose an ATM to avoid credit card charges and interest payments. This is beneficial to your business because you do not have to pay credit card processing fees. Moreover, it reduces the chances of dealing with bounced checks and the associated charges.

Whether you run a convenient, grocery or apparel store, the benefits of having an ATM cannot be disputed. At the end of the day, cash is still king and giving your customers access to it is favorable to them and your store.  While installing and maintaining an ATM may appear daunting, it is actually an easy and affordable process. Next Payments ATM offer brand new ATMs with the latest technology, lighting fast transaction speeds and free maintenance. In addition, the ATMs accept all cards, meaning more people can use the machines. Consider having an ATM at your business and watch your business attract more customers and produce more profits.