September 23, 2016

The Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

Small businesses have a lot to gain from an SEO campaign and it’s no exaggeration to say that those that opt out lose.  Not only do they get buried on page 19 of Google it costs them money in terms of lost business.  We will go over the benefits of search engine optimization and how it can benefit your business but if you still don’t understand exactly what search engine optimization is here is where you can learn the basics.

Find new customers

For most businesses this the entire reason to build a website, you want to increase your traffic and develop your customer base.  Businesses that employ an SEO agency grow three times as fast as those that don’t.  One of the things that an SEO campaign does is to ensure that you continually place higher in Google search results until you reach that coveted first spot.  This in turn makes you more visible to web visitors and that will ultimately lead to more customers.

Crush the competition

In almost every category of business you will have two or more business selling the same products or services at pretty much the same price, think of 2 taxi firms working in the same town.  One of them works with an SEO agency and the other doesn’t, if everything else is equal which company will see better results.  Which one will take on more customers and grow faster.board-1097118_640

Don’t underestimate the result that a good SEO campaign can do for your business.  If your competitors are using SEO then they are taking your customers away from you.  Social and search engine marketing are where marketing dollars are being spent by big companies and small, and they are doing this because it works.

Build trust

One of the perks of being in the top three in the search results is immediate trust.  Your users are conditioned to trust a brand that appears in one of the top spots, it implies that Google trusts you and the user trusts Google.  If your business needs to build trust and awareness, SEO will get you to one of the top spots related to your brand.  The early days of the web are over and search engines play a huge part in making or breaking your business.

Competition on the internet is fierce, whether you’re a local business or an eCommerce site it doesn’t matter if you want your business to succeed you have to promote it.  SEO is the cornerstone of any marketing strategy a good digital marketing agency can layout the path to success for you.


SEO techniques

SEO Infographics by SEO Book

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